Easy Guide on Trapping and Relocating a Modesto Skunk: Safely and Efficiently!

If you live in a place that comes with a huge open space, there is a high chance that a Modesto skunk will visit you soon. Fortunately, due to the large space, it is highly unlikely that you will be bothered by the presence of the skunk. In fact, watching them from a distance while several kits are following the trail of the mother skunk appears cute and adorable. 

A Complete Guide in Capturing and Releasing the Skunk

However, if your space is limited, you don't want to share it with a nuisance California creature especially with a skunk. It will not be cute and adorable to meet the skunks up-close. Fortunately, by trapping and releasing them, you will be able to reclaim your property in a humane manner.

How to Release

In case the skunk has been visiting you regularly or it probably decided to establish its den within your property, it may be possible to relocate them in a manner that will not scare the skunk. This will help you avoid catching a spray that will have a burning effect and may cause temporary blindness. Before relocating them, it is advisable to call the authorized agency or department to check the laws and regulations related with the trapping and releasing of the skunk.

The skunks are nocturnal creature and will be active at dusk. In some instances, they may travel for at least one mile but travelling more than 4 miles from their den is unusual. Some people will choose to use repellent when getting rid of them. However, the efficacy of these products is currently undetermined. They will keep on causing damages to your property. During this instance, relocating them would be the better solution. Since they are not territorial creatures, relocating them would be relatively easy.

Choosing the trap is essential to release the California skunk in an easy manner. The trap should come with a spring door that will allow it to be opened simply. It should be sturdy that the skunk will not easily destroy. It should be stable that will not immediately tip over. It should also allow you to place bait in a way that will encourage the skunk to interact with the trigger plate.

Releasing After Trapping

After trapping the California skunk and covering them with a blanket to keep them calm, you will now have to transport the skunk. Some people recommend that the wooded area will be the best location for them while others will tell you to take them in a large and open space with lots of food sources. You should be aware about the mating period of the creature before trapping them. You don't want to separate the babies from their mother since this will lead to another problem.

Choosing the best time to trap and to release the trap will help you avoid the common problems. In case you are dealing with a single Modesto skunk during the late winter, this is possibly a male skunk that is looking for his potential mate. This will soon leave your property and should not be a source of your concern.

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